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—in Hebrew word “Šālôm” which literally means "peace" or "absence of strife", "whole", "finished", "fulfilled", or "perfected" as pertaining to wellness or welfare

—The vision of hope for Africa is peace
—In our mission Shalom means :

S     sharing our professional skills with local people, other NGOs, volunteers

H    holistic health of individuals and communitieS

         Holistic health is a concept in medical practice upholding that all aspects of people's needs, psychological,

        physical and social should be taken  into account and seen as a whole.

A    advocacy for vulnerable people – children, orphans, marginalized people - people with mental illness,

        terminally ill etc.

L    local people – to get involved local people – traditional healers, relatives of our clients, youth, local volunteers –

        we don’t work for them but with them

O    outreaches to communities

M    Millennium Development Goals (UN) – End Poverty and Hunger, Universal Education, Gender Equality,

        Child Health, Maternal Health, Combat HIV/AIDS, Environmental Sustainability, Global Partnership


The Shalom for Uganda was incorporated in Uganda in 2011with the main aim of providing community- based health care services and promotion of environment. Broadly, the organization is dedicated to assisting communities and individuals to develop a culture of promoting a holistic health living in Ntugamo and later on in neighboring districts. The   organization provides; education on HIV/AIDS and mental health care, care and hope and positive living for the terminally ill. We are dedicated to assisting individuals, families and communities to enhance their strengths, develop new coping strategies and heal emotional wounds. The organization values protection of the environment mainly through tree planting on the many bare hills in the area of operation.


To have a community that is free from diseases, mentally healthy, living in an ecologically stable environment and able to contribute to the economic prosperity of their nation.


To supplement Government efforts in delivering a community based health care system that is family centered with a view of reducing the causes of poor human health.

We strive for

- to introduce programs of education designed for the general public within the Ntungamo District and intended to prevent diseases (HIV / AIDS included); to  spread knowledge about mental disorders; and to take care of the terminally ill;

- to support medical care delivered directly in local communities - we visit the communities and homes to educate the locals and give them professional counseling

- to reduce the volume of residential care provided in health-care facilities;

- to deliver quality care to the chronically and terminally ill directly in their homes;

- to change the ways of people's behavior - to strengthen their responsibility and help them make informed decisions about their own health;

- to adjust psychosocial environment where mentally ill patients are treated;

- to protect human rights;

- to support agricultural industry and traditional crafts as a part of psychotherapy given to underprivileged persons, thus engaging them in a gainful occupation (selling their produce & products is just a sideline, not the main aim of the organization); 

Our insight of the first project

We plan to deliver a health care project that is community driven and family centered, based in a rural setting. We have secured funds to build shalom center for community health in the operation area. Our work is directed by the heath needs of the people, providing the strategic directions for an innovative, efficient and effective heath care in the communities.  Our aim is to facilitate change among the people and the communities they live in to bring about positive shifts in their understanding for public health and environmental issues.


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